Giarmata Industrial Park

Developed on an area of ​​103 hectares in an extremely favorable position in the immediate vicinity of the main highway linking Romania to the Hungarian motorway network, opening our country’s gate to the rest of the European Union. The strategic division of the project allows for the development of a wide range of activities from operational and logistical, to non-polluting storage or production.

Zonal features

Industrial Area: Plots: 42 plots with areas between 4500 and 9 ha. These can be unified or dismantled upon request.
Operational stage: 100%
Occupation degree: free

Services and Facilities

  • Sale and rental of industrial parcels, equipped with all utilities
  • Sale or rental of turnkey industrial projects for buildings and halls on parcels in our industrial park.
  • Assistance in obtaining building permits and permits
  • Access from the county road 642 Timisoara – Lipova
  • Concrete and curved roads.
  • Sidewalks
  • Green areas of alignment
  • Technical facilities (water supply, domestic channel and rainwater channel)
  • Electrical power
  • Gas
  • Security
  • Easy access to CATV, Internet, fixed telephony systems.
  • Parking.


Traian Vuia International Airport – 16 Km




Railway – 1 Km





Highway A1 – 5 Km


Natural gas
  • the network may be extended by 4 km.
  • to be provide via the connection to the Enel Distribuţie Banat power network.
  • a transforming station is provided, which is mounted in a tyre with an apparent power of S=1000KVA.
  • All the parcels are cabled via the underground network.
  • The outer lighting system is provided with street lighting posts, fitted with LED sources with a power of 1x70 W and will be carried out automatically by a programmer.
Drinking water
    The following fittings will be provided to ensure the necessary quantity of water:

  • 1 depth drill
  • 1 water tank
  • 1 pumping station
  • distribution networks on every street
Fire-fighting water reserve
  • – a 15 l/s fire-fighting flow will be provided via the water supply network to ensure the quantity of water required and to restore the flow of the fire-fighting water reserve.
  • pumping station
Household sewage
  • a street sewage system made of PVC will be provided
  • will be located in the green area opposite de water supply network
  • a temporary solution is provided to collect the water in a tank, until a purging station is mounted.
Rainwater drainage system
  • will take over the rainwater from the road, the sidewalks and the green areas, via drainage holes
  • will be carried out through the street network
  • a- the waters will cross an SH hydrocarbon separator and will be discharged in the storage tank with V = approx. 2000 cubic metres, then used to irrigate the green areas
Road access
  • It is available via the crossroads at km 15 + 220 on county road 691.
Road network
  • will include transverse profiles of 30 m, 22 m, 20 m, 16 m and 14 m. The streets will have a ballast and broken stone foundation and will be covered in bitumen, and the ones serving the industrial area shall be covered in road concrete.