Airoport Timișoara Industrial Park

It is designed to develop a service area for air transport, being directly linked to the international airport route – Traian Vuia. The industrial park will have supervised access, the plots being integrated into the airport premises. Following the workshop were created 4 lots, which could be used for air transport: hangar, maintenance workshop, warehouses, catering, aircraft platforms, parking places. This area must be fenced and open to the airport, with access being controlled externally.

Zonal features

Surface: 29,850 sqm
Plots: 4 plots with the following surfaces: 7,410 sqm, 5340 sqm, 7100 sqm, respectively 10,000 sqm.
Operational stage: 100%
Occupation degree: free

Servicii și Facilități

  • Sale and rental of industrial parcels, equipped with all utilities
  • Sale or rental of turnkey industrial projects for buildings and halls on parcels in our industrial park.
  • Assistance in obtaining building permits and permits
  • Access from the national road 69 Timişoara – Arad
  • Concrete and curved roads.
  • Sidewalks
  • Green areas of alignment
  • Technical facilities (water supply, domestic channel and rainwater channel)
  • Power 2 MVA
  • Gas
  • Security
  • Easy access to CATV, Internet, fixed telephony systems.
  • Parking.


 Traian Vuia International Airport – 0,1 Km




Railway – 1,5 Km





Highway A1 – 3 Km


Natural gas
  • The possibility of connection to the existing network
  • is provided through the connection to the average tension electric network (LEA 20 kv) of Enel Distributie Banat, existing in the area.
  • a 20/0,4 kV-800 kVA tyre substation is provided.
Drinking water
    In order to ensure drinking water necessary, the following will be performed:

  • 1 deep drilling positioned in the area destined for utilities
  • 1 pumping station
  • 1 water reservoir
  • Distribution network on all streets
Water for fire hazards
  • In order to ensure the necessary water and remake debit for the fire hazard reserve, an exterior fire hazard debit of Qie = 15 l/s will be provided, through the street distribution system and water administration
  • Fire hydrants and provisioned at a distance of max 150 m and placed on the water network in green area are provided
  • Pumping station
Sewer system
  • A temporary collecting solution of waste water in a scoopable basin is provisioned, these being dumped into a centralized system in a following stage
Storm sewage
  • Sewer system which will collect storm water both from roads and off buildings.
  • Retention basin with H=2,3 m and a V=1270 m3
Road access
  • is realised from DJ 609 D, which is the road access to Timisoara Airport from DN6
  • road prospect with a total width of 12 m
Street road network
  • road train of 12 m including roadway 7m, enclosed in green areas (6,5 m) and designed(2m) pavements
  • collecting road with a length of 256,09 ml
  • access towards parking and lots is provided
  • these are provisioned with PVC tubes for optic fibre cable areas