Artemis Group Romania holds in Sanandrei a certified industrial park according to the law 186/2013, 10,5 ha, 7 km from Timisoara. The land has a 260 m opening at DN 69 Timisoara – Arad, with a town planning and a valid infrastructure. There are available spaces for rental in existing buildings or on-demand constructions.

– is in the process of developing an industrial area at European standards, addressing interested companies to develop their production or administrative activity in Eastern Europe, namely in Sinandrei, Timis County, Romania, and to benefit from this kind of force the best quality work at low prices and a perfect location.

Developed on an area of ​​103 hectares in an extremely favorable position in the immediate vicinity of the main highway linking Romania to the Hungarian motorway network, opening our country’s gate to the rest of the European Union. The strategic division of the project allows for the development of a wide range of activities from operational and logistics to storage and non-polluting production.

It is designed to develop a service area for air transport, being directly linked to the international airport route – Traian Vuia. The industrial park will have supervised access, the plots being integrated into the airport premises.
Following the workshop were created 4 lots, which could be used for air transport: hangar, maintenance workshop, warehouses, catering, aircraft platforms, parking places.
This area must be fenced and open to the airport, with access being controlled externally.

Our company owns an industrial park with a total area of ​​25 ha in the area of ​​Dudeştii Noi commune, with the communal road DC46, and includes a no. total of 24 plots with different surfaces starting from 3665 sq m to 56725 sq m.