Sânandrei Industrial Park

Artemis Group Romania holds in Sanandrei a certified industrial park according to the law 186/2013, 10,5 ha, 7 km from Timisoara. The land has a 260 m opening at DN 69 Timisoara – Arad, with a town planning and a valid infrastructure. There are available spaces for rental in existing buildings or on-demand constructions.

Zonal features

Surface: 10.5 ha
Plots: We provide 9 plots with areas between 3.663 sqm and 29.649 sqm, plots that can be unified or dismantled on demand.
Operational stage: 100%
Occupation degree: free

Services and Facilities

  • Sale and rental of industrial parcels, equipped with all utilities
  • Sale or rental of turnkey industrial projects for buildings and halls on parcels in our industrial park.
  • Assistance in obtaining building permits and permits
  • Access from the national road 69 Timişoara – Arad
  • Concrete and curved roads
  • Sidewalks
  • Green areas of alignment
  • Technical facilities (water supply, domestic channel and rainwater channel)
  • Power 2 MVA
  • Gas
  • Security
  • Easy access to CATV, Internet, fixed telephony systems
  • Parking.


Traian Vuia International Airport – 17 Km






Railway – 21 Km






Highway A1 – 16 Km


Natural Gas
  • existing gas station on site
  • 2 MW existing on site hrough the network connection to ENEL Distribuție Banat Les 20 kV
  • transformer substation is provided, assembled in a dual-chamber tire
  • throughout the underground power-line, the wiring of all the parcels is assured
  • outdoor lighting is provided with street lighting units equipped with 250 W sodium-vapour lights which are placed on galvanized steel metal poles, and it shall automatically start by means of a programmer.
Potable Water
    In order to provide the necessary of potable water, an Qs flow rate of 2,761 l/s is ensured and the following are performed:

  • 1 deep-water drilling with the ext. D diameter of 250 mm and the H of 122 m
  • 1 water-tank of 263 CBM
  • 1 pumping station
  • EDPE PE 100 polyethylene distribution networks with ext. D of 160 mm with total length of 849 ml
Water in case of fire
  • to ensure the water requirements and the necessary restoration flow of the fire tank, an outdoor fire-flow of Qie =15 l/s shall be provided, assured throughout the urban distribution network and water management
  • fire hydrants are provided at a distance of maximum 150 m, placed on the water network from the green-ways
  • pumping station
The domestic sewerage system
  • an urban sewer network is made out of PVC ext. D of 125 mm with couplings and a total length of 495 ml
  • is placed in the green-way, opposite from the water network
  • as an interim solution and for phase I of development, a drainable tank is performed to retrieve household waste-water, following that in the future to be connected to the centralized sewage system that is under construction
Rainwater sewer system
  • it shall gather the waters off the carriageway, road entrances, parking lots, sidewalks and green areas (23.005 square meters) through drainage
  • PVC pipe network is made with a length of 521 m
  • waters shall run through a SH hydrocarbon separator, then relieved into the SPpl rainwater pumping station, where it will be pumped to the retention tank, then gravitationally discharged into the drainage channel HCn 551, which flows into the Bega Veche river
Road access
  • facile authorised road access by CNANDR
Urban road network
  • the 12 m street network includes 7 m of carriageway, framed by green areas (6,5 m) and landscaped sidewalks (2 m)
  • collector road with a length of 256,09 ml
  • access to parcels and parking lots is ensured
  • PVC tubes are provided for laying fibre optic cables
  • along the entire length of the routes, electric manholes to which all the objectives will connect and protection tubes at culverts are provided

Photo of industrial park infrastructure Artemis